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If Love and Death die, what is left?


Silas Umber has returned from Arvale, his family’s ancestral home, having disturbed the tormented spirits of his 

ancient line. Frantic to retrieve the shade of his beloved Beatrice, he turns his back on the spectral chaos he has 

left behind, unaware that the malevolence he unleashed has followed him back to Lichport.


As his family and friends suffer and fall at the hands of the vengeful Huntsman from Arvale's sunken mansions, Silas must reach deep into his complicated bloodline to summon powers and wisdom beyond those required of a simple Lichport Undertaker. But the dark and painful secrets of his birth threaten to overwhelm him, and if he can’t lay the ghosts of his own past to rest, if he refuses to make the required sacrifice, Silas may lose everything and everyone he has grown to love and worked to protect.


With the stunning conclusion to the Undertaken trilogy, Ari Berk returns to the series that Publishers Weekly calls "thought-provoking gothic fantasy," School Library Journal praises as "reminiscent of the classic gothic works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Shirley Jackson," and VOYA applauds as "a captivating world that seduces with 

each page turn."

L Y C H  W A Y

Book Two in The Undertaken Trilogy
has materialized in hardback, paperback, and e-editions!


"Fine bedtime fare for readers looking to cut down on their sleep."

— Kirkus Reviews

"Berk's second title in The Undertaken Trilogy will definitely satisfy gothic fantasy lovers...Berk is certainly a master storyteller. He understands how to tell a ghost tale dripping with rich detail and vivid imagery. He leads readers into a captivating world that seduces with each page turn. Readers who are fans of this genre will devour this sequel and look forward to the conclusion." 


"Dark and gothic, with rich and descriptive language, Mistle Child draws readers in, regardless of whether or not they have read the first book. Teens who enjoy horror stories will relish this dark, ghostly tale."

—School Library Journal

Out now!

illustrated by best-selling artist Loren Long

***Named one of Amazon.com's 20 Best Picture Books of 2012***

Out now!
The U.S. edition of
With art by Alan Lee, Larry McDougall, Douglas Carrel, Virginia Lee and more.


Ari's first novel, DEATH WATCH, out now 
in hardback, E-editions, and paperback!

Praise for DEATH WATCH . . .

"Berk’s writing style and language are reminiscent of the classic gothic works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Shirley Jackson. The plot and pacing have a haunting, dreamlike quality--the type of dream that morphs into nightmares that jolt sleepers awake with a pounding heart and shaking hands." 

         — School Library Journal

"Ari Berk writes deftly about loss and love, mining a rich vein of ghostly folklore with vivid prose, style and wit. A marvelous tapestry of a book." 

                                 Holly BlackNew York Times bestselling author

"A+    ~ A book for those who love stories with rich, deep histories, with detailed descriptions that make you feel like you were there. Not for readers looking for a gushy love story, or driveling characters that need a significant other to make up their minds for them. Death Watch is for lovers of literature, those readers who revel in the velvety texture of words as they roll off the tongue. It is for those who read aloud at night to empty rooms, just to hear each line sing. This will go on my shelf of favorites..."

— little squeed blog

[Read the whole review at little squeed here]

"If any book deserves crazy hype and buzz, it's this one. Simply put, this was one of the most original and atmospheric reads I have come across this year. The writing is gorgeous. The descriptive passages are out of this world. And the characters? Oh. My. God."

— Great Imaginations

"Ari Berk has created a wonderfully eerie, half-decayed world filled with nuanced characters, both living and dead. Deathwatch haunts, not only with its restless spirits, but also with its psychological honesty. Berk offers a masterly portrayal of a boy’s struggle to deal with the loss of his father.  With lyrical prose, the tale speaks to the destructive power of unresolved grief, the ageless need to mourn our dead, and the unquenchable longing to understand what comes next."

— Larissa N. Niec, Ph.D., Clinical Child Psychologist 

and author of the novel Shorn: Book One of the Sky Seekers

Berk’s writing is thick and glorious like some kind of delicious creamy potato soup. ...And this might just be one of the creepiest and darkest books I have ever read. Some darker books will give you glimpses of darkness and then for whatever reason, lets up. This book doesn’t. Seriously, if you love...Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, read this.

— Novel Thoughts

[Read the whole review at Novel Thoughts here]

"Death Watch is rich with imagery and well researched lore about death and the dead. Berk masterfully weaves together different cultural traditions and rituals about death into an interesting and engaging story. Some might classify this as a horror story but it is much more than that. It is also a coming of age story about a boy who must decide what path he should follow and how growing up means that you have to accept new found responsibilities and learn to forgive to move forward. One of the best books I have read in a long time." 

     — Bay Area Young Adult Librarians (BAYA)

"...one of the most imaginative tales bound between two covers. Ari Berk has crafted a unique world that many will wish actually existed. Be patient with the first fifty pages, and we guarantee you’ll be very upset that the sequel is not out yet. Excellent and compelling."
— Yaroos! Young Adult Book Reviews


The Life and Times of William Shakespeare wins the School Library Association Children's Choice Award for children's favorite information book in the UK!