Perhaps a depiction of Cernunnos. A horned figure holds the tails of two dogs or wolves. Carved on the market cross in Kells, Ireland. I drew this (after a drawing by R. W. Feachem) for an article on the Wild Hunt.

A member of the Oak Tribe. 
From a forthcoming project The World of Wold.

A page from Prospero's diary...this is from a project I began long ago, and may yet return to someday.

Up is fine...

Upside down is fine too.

Red deer effigy figure. From the World of Wold.

A tree troll. She's a local oracle and notorious eavesdropper. 
From The World of Wold.

A sketch of one of the characters in The World of Wold
Ghamma, the Frog Mother, oldest of the Animal Keepers.

"Gate"  Oil on canvas. 1997
It's the stones that stay with me, really.

A Forest Guardian. From The World of Wold.

Lord Corvus von Grakk, Court of Oracles

Lady Owlivia Pellett, Court of Talons

Marchioness Amelia Acereyas, Court of Talons

Dama Alceda Pesciamore, Court of Flumens

Comtessa de la Corva, Court of Oracles  

King Rendill, Court of Hallows

The Green and Burning Tree...nearly always a sign something interesting is about to happen...

"Mountain Guardian" 
Painted during my adventurous Tucson days. Oil on canvas. Perhaps 1998. Painted out of doors WAY out in Coronado National Forest, northeast of town.

A Wood Witch or Sap Seer. From The World of Wold.

Death, outlandish in his mummer's garb, prepares to open the gates of winter...

A whale is almost always self-explanatory.

Occasionally, if I have no other choice, I will sculpt and even sew. (Left to right: Hob Mother, House Elf, Goblin Thespian, Common Puck)

When Met In The Woods, Old Women with Tails and Hooves Should Always be Trusted.

A case of curious things. This is from a small display of my work exhibited at the Imagining The Fantastic Conference in April 2011. The upright carving depicts Winter in all his skeletal glory. On the other side is a portrait of a youth that outwits him. Inspired by an ancient Northern tale. Made from Elk antler I found long ago in the redwood forests of the west coast. The rune tine is also made from elk. It is a copy of an early inscribed artifact that might have been used as a hunting charm, or some kind of transformational magic. [Photo by Rosemary Van Deuren]

Some drawings of Native American rock art for the book Coyote Speaks.

Liminal Photography 
Neolithic Grail 
(Vessel by Andrew Appleby/ Venus by Jerome Bedes/ Spiral Carving by Gary Williamson)               
                                                                                                                                                                                            Beech copse from an evening's walk 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Guardian Oaks

 "The Siren Plans Her Day"

    "Lasting light upon the path..."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Domestic Stone Circle

Rowan tree in our garden, summer 2013.

"Time is a sort of river of passing events, 

and strong is its current; 

no sooner is a thing brought to sight 

than it is swept by and another takes its place, 

and this too will be swept away."

--Marcus Aurelius


[Chippewa River, end of my street, Michigan, summer 2013]